About Me

For 9 days I agonized as a "Squeaker" with my 2:46 margin, looking at numbers other folks compiled, and running my own scenarios. When this person decided she wasn't going to do it again for the 2017 application year, I decided I would.

I wear (probably too) many hats so I suppose within the context of this blog, the hats I will talk about is running and working. Which is plenty.

I started running in high school: XC, Winter and Spring track. 22 years later, I am still running. Interestingly, other than the 800m and mile, I am faster than I was back then. I ran my first marathon (LA Marathon) in 2003 at 24 years old, finishing 4:26. I decided to join the group I was running with for San Diego Rock 'n Roll that same year and managed to not improve my first marathon time achieving a slower 4:30. I took a break from running to remodel (mostly DIY) my first house and didn't get back into running until a few years later. But I didn't run another marathon until 2012 at the Carlsbad Marathon (3:51). After that it got into my head that maybe a BQ was within my ability. I had to take a break from that endeavor to grow a tiny human, but I managed to get my BQ (3:37:14) in St George 2014, 9 months after having my little one.

So where does the work part come in? Well, I'm a software developer. Been writing code since 1997, and been getting paid to write it since 1999. I have 15 years of experience with Java programming. Crazy how time flies. Anyway, doing this kind of number compilation and analysis is actually something I enjoy doing. I am using Scala to push myself to learn something a little different (a functional programming language but still has the familiarity of a Java development and build environment). I don't have a math or statistics degree, however with my degree in Operations Research (related to Industrial Engineering) I have done coursework involving statistical modeling with programming, a graduate level (4000 level class that was a whopping 4.5 credits) statistics class, and numerous other mathematics courses I had to take as part of my engineering degree.

My Alma Mater


  1. We believe in your good work, Chacha. Keep it up! :)

  2. How did I forget you went to Columbia! That's #1's current top dream school!